Thursday, July 17, 2008

Great Riding, Fun Racing, and Good Fishing

Well its been well over 3 weeks so its time for an update I figured. So here it goes...

To start off with Trumans Big Love went pretty good.. We had a good sized sport class and me and Lelan just barely made it back from our warm up ride to catch the start of the race but it ended up working out alright. I would drop out in the second lap from a mechanical and Lelan would have brake problems throughout the race. Randy and Dusty both would have good runs with no big problems to speak of. Randy seems to be really coming around to the sport by moving into the sport class already.

So a couple weeks after the race I took my vacation and was off to Colorado for a week. While there I stayed with my aunt and uncle in Lyons, CO. Most days consisted of a good ride on Hall Ranch which is a blast. It consist of a 2-3 mile climb with some of the nastiest rock gardens I can remember ever seeing

But once to the top you were greeted by a some ground squirrels who didn't seem to mind you walking up right next to them

After a short stop to watch the critters run about there were almost to many good views to take in. The top lop was about 3-4 miles of climbing one half of a mountain and flying down the other. I got alot of weird looks on a hard-tail while flying by 5.5in travel trail bikes. HAHA Got to love the 29in wheels!

So after a view days of riding and fly fishing I found out about a short track race taking place in Boulder. Seeing as I have never done a short track race I figured I would give it a shot. It was a blast even though the thin air left my lungs crying by the end of the race. I raced in Cat B with 55 people starting the race in what I can only describe as the most insane start to a race I have ever seen. we had to funnel from about 10 wide to 1 person wide for the first corner...and ya it didnt happen but I didnt see anyone go down.

The course consisted of about 5-7 short hard climbs fallowed by quick downhills. I came in 40-something or other.

Anyway I am off to bed. See everyone at Shawnee Mission this weekend! Keep on eye on "Team High BMI"
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