Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Way Over Due

Ok well to start off I know how far behind I am so my bad.

To catch you up I had my first DNF at Trumans Big Love with mechanical problems out the "ying yang" but had a great ride 'till then.

Then was off to Shawnee Mission 3/6 Hour where I would team up with Mad Mike only to have more mechanical problems(middle chain ring fell apart pretty much) then to fallow that severe cramps and getting sick on the trail...not fun.

So on to the good news...Rapture of Misery was a blast(minus Matt Days broken ankle). Matt, Steph, and myself would team up for co-ed and take 1st. Lelan, Dustin, and Mike would join up for a 3 person super fast and pull in 2nd place and Randy, Matt Day, and Kegan would do the just for fun.

Well thats all I want to post for now but some good quotes from the Rapture in Misery:

"I saw these HUGE treads and was like is someone on a motorcycle?" - Matt Brown

"I hit the tree and notice it was the same one from the last wreck as my head flew towards the next tree....it was awesome!" - Mad Mike

"I saw Mike get snipped...I looked down at the trial when I looked back up he was in the bushes" - Matt Brown

"He only has 2hours on those lights...and his day laps took 2 hours..."
"He is screwed" - Me and someones conversation

"I woke up and there were no lights and Mike had his garmin out" - Lelan
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