Tuesday, December 22, 2009

4 Hours of Good Pain

Well I dont know how I forgot to mention this earlier...damn finals at school and work getting crazy busy...but I went and did the Coronado's Challange with a bunch of the High Gear Team and had a great time!! Its always a good time on the bike when you have got the likes of Jim, Tim, and Mike around you. Sadly Mike wasnt around for long...he was caught up in a crash within the first 50ft. of the race and some how trashed his cable housing.

This trail is got a insane amount of climbing...its pretty much a steep ass hill in the middle of no where! Not single speed friendly at all...that reminds me Brad Williams, another Emporian, made the trip and put the hurt on me early on with his single speed. I thought chasing him around for the first 2 hours was going to result in my having another DNF.

Myself, Tim, and Jim would spend the next 4 hours hunting eachother. We settled in 5th, 6th, and 7th after about a two hours in. Some how I got a break away and snuck out and put a couple minutes on the Tim/Jim combo.

I would stay out front the rest of the ride with Jim getting a little to close for comfort on the last lap. I have no been in that much pain in along time!

The race would end up with me in 5th, Jim in 6th and Tim in 7th. I would finish the race and could not even walk because I had given it my all, which was my only goal for the day. I went into this race with the idea of finishing and being so trashed it would hurt all week...and thats what happened.

Untill next time!

Monday, December 7, 2009

All Smiles Over Here

Big news coming from the High Gear camp this week. The brand new High Gear and Trek/Fisher team has finally been announced.

The team will be featuring the fallowing:

-Matt Brown

-Stephani Brown

-Schad Schreiner

-Randy Smith

-Dusty Sopoci

-Chris Wiggins(The lone roadie)

-Bobby Wintle

-Mike Wise

-Dustin Burgardt

-and Myself

And even more import our 2010 Sponsors:


-Gary Fisher


-High Gear Cyclery

-Planet Sub

-NOS Energy Drinks


-IM Design Group

-Emporia Fitness

These companies are amazing! Frequant them as much as possible! These companies are making this team what it is.

In other great news...yes there is alot actually...to start off with just finished enrolling in what will be my last semester of college(sad and happy moment), ordered my new Gary Fisher Superfly, just ordered a bunch of Bontrager clothing and other gear(like the new Race X-Lite Carbon Fork), and the Dirty Kanza 200 just picked up Salsa as a sponsor(Jim and Joel are gods of promotion).

Well I really have got to get to work...don't plan on any updates for a few weeks...really have to nail these last few finals before Christmas break.

'Till next time, Keep riding!
Copyright 2010 Seagato