Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Have You Met My Friend Matt?

If you have not got a chance to meet my good friend Matt Brown and his wife Stephani I believe tomorrow, Wednesday, is the day you should. They are opening their new shop downtown, 520 Commercial in Emporia KS if you want specifics, and I couldnt be happier for them.

Yes, there are in fact great products behind those brown papers in the window.

They bust their tails 24/7, literally 24/7 to keep our team and fellow riders happy. Dont beleive me, example time then, called Matt at his home and he came down to the shop at 10 p.m. to get me some tires to go race the next day because I was not happy my choice I had made. They bought a new building, secured all our team sponsors, completely rebuilt their new building, continued training and kept the old shop all running at once...Yes they are that good!

These two are also responsible for my addiction to bikes. They donated a bike to a giveaway that I happened to win. Dang them and their kindness! Thats why this couldnt of happened to a better couple of people. Anyway, I could go one forever on how great they are but you should really go down and check out the new shop ASAP! I got a sneak peak today and wow!! Prepare to be amazed... so get down there now! As for me I got some new tires that need mounted for Ouachita so off to go do that.


P.s. If its been away since you have made it into Flint Hills Music you should swing by there as well as they just updated their shop as well.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Famous? Not Yet.

Well here it is. CLICK HERE for the Adventure Monkey Magazine. Its a collection of articles meant to inspire you to get outdoors and become active. I was lucky enough to get asked to come on board and right a section on heart rate. I got to run though. Its about to be the longest week of my life and fallowed by going to Arkansas to race so I need to get down to business. Enjoy the Mag!
Link time,
All the contributing writers:
Anne Marie Garrett(nice looking last name there)
Shawn Honea
Lelan Daines
Robert Garcia
Rebecca Martin
The Browns
Randy Rasa
Mike Wise
Adam Didde
Rob White
Bobby Wintle

Enjoy and check all those people out if you can!


Yours Truly

Check it out! Monkey gave me gifts at the release party! Full write up to come later...I am off to KC to go see my brothers finally after last nights snow storm put a stop to that real fast.

I am photogenic...right?

Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring "not so much of a" Break

You know the saying...Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, strike three! I feel like I may have that wrong...who knows. Anyhow, long story short, come to find out my phone did not update with the time change and I finally missed a day of Spinning. To my credit I still showed up "on time" according to my cell phone just in time to watch them do stretching.

In other exciting news, did a VO2MAX test on Mr. Tim J. Mohn(made up middle initial for dramatic affect). This was the first time for me to help with running the test, have actually been the test subject in the past. It was a great learning experience and starting in the next week or so I will be able to run the test on my own...so if interested let me know. I am in the process of developing the bike version of the test for ESU which has me really excited.

Also big weekend coming up, Adventure Monkey Magazine party Saturday if you didnt know! Then after that its off to KC for a Seacat brother reunion. A Seacat reunion gaurantees three things will happen:
1. Me and little Seacat will accidently break a car window(long story)
2. I will end up kicking in a locked door(even longer story)
3. Blackout

In order L to R. Marine, Doctor, Bicyclist.

Thats about it for now. If your bored I found a couple links worth a view that should help your Friday move right along.

That's What She (Courtney) Said: Older brothers girl friends blog...she is somewhat witty(just kidding Court) and has some gross/funny stories about med school.

World Cup Race Coverage: Video from a World Cup race up in Canada last season. Great video and a couple girls that are easy on the eyes, as well on bikes. What I like to call a win/win/win.

Have a good weekend


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hello Fun...How I Have Missed You

Last night got the chance to hang out and knock back a couple beers with some of the guys. Probably was not the best idea seeing as I felt like crap because of allergies but still had a blast and strangely was able to get to bed before 2 in the morning (not something that usually happens when I go out).

Carb loading

Anyhow, today I had planned to get in one last intense long ride before calming the training down for Ouachita, which is 2 weeks away as of today, but that wasn't what happened at all.

Tim hit me up for 60 road at a fast pace but being a little under the weather I was forced to decline and actually made the choice that I was going to just stay in and relax. After about 2 hours of picking up the apartment followed by cleaning off my iPod and iPhone of music I dont listen to anymore I became motivated to go ride atleast for 45 minutes to spin my legs out.

I knew I was off to a bad start when I got a few blocks out and realized my new stem was not even close to straight and was forced to stop and adjust it. Then I came to notice the angle of my bars was a little off and was not in the mood to get off again so rode the entire ride with them that way.

Did about 10 miles and stopped to turn around, change my music, and take a pee...I dont know if it was from the change of music or the empty bladder but once back on my bike my mentality finally changed for the better. Up to that point every pedal stroke had me wanted to throw my bike away and quit riding. With this new found excitement I headed into a couple roads I had never been on before and had a blast. Wasn't putting down any record times but got a chance to just listen to some music, set up and enjoy the air, and just take everything in.

New favorite area to ride in

My legs never really got under my the whole ride but still rode strong for the last hour and even talked myself into stopping and taking this picture (I know I am not Adventure Monkey when it comes to pictures). Well thats about all I got today but getting excited for the Ouachita Challange just trying to decide on my final tire choice.


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Nothing to New

Well thanks to the Adventure Monkey my sites popularity has grown(the mentions of my nice thighs and fast speed are what i think are key to my sites growth, thanks again monkey man). Sounds like he will be throwing a release party for the magazine, I cant wait(little does the monkey know that this gato[thats spanish for cat for you none espanol speakers{espanol is spanish for spanish for you really white readers}] knows how to party)!

And yes that would be a Seagato blog first back there...use of parathesis, brackets, and curly braces! I feel like they are not used right but damn it looks good.

But in other good news I got out this weekend with our largest group ride of the year to date(I think it was 11, I refuse to do math on weekends). It was a great chance for everyone to catch up and have a chance to chat...Jim Cummins made the trip down from KC to put some gravel miles in and check out some routes for the DK200 version 2011. The ride for the most part was a decent pace until about 30-ish miles and it turned into a race all of a sudden. Matt, Jim, Tim, Chris, Mike, and myself would make a break. Long story short it was a painful sprint all the way into Americus and I was able to just edge out Chris for the city limit honors.

Not much else to say today, my little brother is making his way back to the USA from his time spent over in Japan for the Marines so thats about my biggest highlight I got.

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