Monday, April 28, 2008

We ever going to race?

Well over the past week i had probably the two best training days of my life. On Monday and Tuesday of last week I was able to lay down some of the best times I have ever done to date, along with the legs feeling great. But the bad thing about this is we never race so it all seems pointless! I know one day ill get to race(hopefully this weekend at wilson lake!) but right now its just frustrating.

So since the race was canceled on Sunday Matt, Lelan, Dusty, and myself set out on a good ol fashioned gravel day. About 20 miles in I got a flat that seemed to take about a day and a half to change, ok maybe it didn't last that long but long enough for the other guys to get bored enough to start playing carnival games and seeing who could throw rocks further. Anyway long story short the ride took alot long than planned and I got my ass handed to me on both town sprints(Matt cheated! Sprints should not start 5 miles from the finish!). Also I am slowly losing confidence in the DK200 right now and racing all together with all this damn training and no racing, but went ahead and ordered in some Ritchey SpeedMax tires. Maybe this will boost my confidence for the DK200.

P.S. 4 1/2 weeks till the DK200 so go ride!

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Well this weekend despite having to work everyday I was able to sneak in a 5K run on saturday. The run was the 3rd annual John Blaufuss Memorial Run/Walk. All the proceeds went to scholarships for ESU. Anyway, I finished a decent 6th(23 minutes and some change) for only running twice this week and other than that I haven't ran since mid-February.

Other than that no news except Lelan finished a preview of the Dirty Kanza 200 that we did a couple weeks ago. Check it out The video does not do the hills or amazing scenery justice for what they will be like come May 31.

The picture is tiny but I am on the far left in the grey shirt w/a black beanie on.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Rainy Days


After 3 straight days of beautiful riding weather today it spit rain throughout the day giving me the chance to lace back up my running shoes for a amazing run through the rain and puddles. Anyway this is my first blog so I will try to keep this thing as up to date as possible, which shouldnt be to hard because who does homework when there are so many fun things on the internet to do?

Just to catch you up on what I have been up to 2 weeks ago matt, tim, dusty, and me all went down to the Ouachita Challenge in Arkansas. To say the least I had the time of my life! At about mile 40 sometime I realized I had been smiling none stop like a little kid because of the experience this race gave me to relax with friends and just enjoy some amazing trail(even though it was under water in some spots). Long story short I finished a respectable(or atleast thats what I like to tell myself) 60th out of 172 along with matt 4th, tim 33rd. and dusty 37th.

Tim Dusty and Matt after a preride on saturday

Me post race
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