Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bad Weather

2 post in 2 days?! Ya obviously nothing else to do in this weather. Thought I would drop a quick update that Randy is now going to Ouachita taking the total to 7 High Gear teammates making a showing.
This morning me and Tim got together and mounted up the new tires(Hutchinson Toro).

Also bought a couple new water bottle cages and finally got my fork set up to my liking. I spent the last couple weeks playing with the +/- air pressure and rebound and finally got it dialed in.


Friday, March 27, 2009

Finally Race Time...

In a week that is. I have been getting excited to head down to Arkansas and have my ass handed to me. Ouachita is by far my favorite trail to ride! It hurts so good! This year it will be Timzilla, Mad Mike, Dusty, and myself heading down Friday and getting some preriding(and a couple beers) in on Saturday. Also 'Leggy' Lelan and Boobby(get it? like boobs? but his name is really Bobby!) are heading down Saturday to join up with us

Training is still going pretty decent for myself...I have started to teach Spinning on campus and I am having a blast doing it. Its always strange because I can never tell how hard I worked them 'till we are finished and they walk by me saying "thanks for killing me today." Haha Nice change to put the hurt on someone else for onc.

Speaking of the hurt, I rode with Tim this week and changed my brake pads...and well didn't get the pads pushed back in far enough on the rear wheel so I spent 2 hours on the bike with what felt like dragging a log behind me! It had planned to be an easy ride(which it was for Tim as he watched me suffer) but I was at about 80% or higher of my MHR the whole ride.

Well got to get to work and make that money! Enjoy the snow. Also signing up for 24 of 9 mile after we get back from Ouachita. They lowered the price as well to only $100!
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