Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Way Over Due

Ok well to start off I know how far behind I am so my bad.

To catch you up I had my first DNF at Trumans Big Love with mechanical problems out the "ying yang" but had a great ride 'till then.

Then was off to Shawnee Mission 3/6 Hour where I would team up with Mad Mike only to have more mechanical problems(middle chain ring fell apart pretty much) then to fallow that severe cramps and getting sick on the trail...not fun.

So on to the good news...Rapture of Misery was a blast(minus Matt Days broken ankle). Matt, Steph, and myself would team up for co-ed and take 1st. Lelan, Dustin, and Mike would join up for a 3 person super fast and pull in 2nd place and Randy, Matt Day, and Kegan would do the just for fun.

Well thats all I want to post for now but some good quotes from the Rapture in Misery:

"I saw these HUGE treads and was like is someone on a motorcycle?" - Matt Brown

"I hit the tree and notice it was the same one from the last wreck as my head flew towards the next tree....it was awesome!" - Mad Mike

"I saw Mike get snipped...I looked down at the trial when I looked back up he was in the bushes" - Matt Brown

"He only has 2hours on those lights...and his day laps took 2 hours..."
"He is screwed" - Me and someones conversation

"I woke up and there were no lights and Mike had his garmin out" - Lelan

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Great Riding, Fun Racing, and Good Fishing

Well its been well over 3 weeks so its time for an update I figured. So here it goes...

To start off with Trumans Big Love went pretty good.. We had a good sized sport class and me and Lelan just barely made it back from our warm up ride to catch the start of the race but it ended up working out alright. I would drop out in the second lap from a mechanical and Lelan would have brake problems throughout the race. Randy and Dusty both would have good runs with no big problems to speak of. Randy seems to be really coming around to the sport by moving into the sport class already.

So a couple weeks after the race I took my vacation and was off to Colorado for a week. While there I stayed with my aunt and uncle in Lyons, CO. Most days consisted of a good ride on Hall Ranch which is a blast. It consist of a 2-3 mile climb with some of the nastiest rock gardens I can remember ever seeing

But once to the top you were greeted by a some ground squirrels who didn't seem to mind you walking up right next to them

After a short stop to watch the critters run about there were almost to many good views to take in. The top lop was about 3-4 miles of climbing one half of a mountain and flying down the other. I got alot of weird looks on a hard-tail while flying by 5.5in travel trail bikes. HAHA Got to love the 29in wheels!

So after a view days of riding and fly fishing I found out about a short track race taking place in Boulder. Seeing as I have never done a short track race I figured I would give it a shot. It was a blast even though the thin air left my lungs crying by the end of the race. I raced in Cat B with 55 people starting the race in what I can only describe as the most insane start to a race I have ever seen. we had to funnel from about 10 wide to 1 person wide for the first corner...and ya it didnt happen but I didnt see anyone go down.

The course consisted of about 5-7 short hard climbs fallowed by quick downhills. I came in 40-something or other.

Anyway I am off to bed. See everyone at Shawnee Mission this weekend! Keep on eye on "Team High BMI"

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fun Ride


The other day i went out to the trail to try to get some laps in for fun and when i stopped to take the picture above i noticed i had a voice mail from Matt and he wanted to do a night ride out to Cottonwood Falls(50 miles round trip). Sounded like fun i thought so i ran home and threw on the lights and was off to meet up with him.

We(Randy, Steph, Matt, and myself) left town at about 9ish or so into a beautiful sunset. The ride was at a decent speed but nothing fast...just a relaxing ride.

(Matt, Randy, Myself)

Once to Cottonwood Falls we stopped and put down a couple beers as the gas station was shutting down.

(Matt working out his inner demons and Steph)

So we finally started to head back to Emporia at about midnight or so. It took us an hour and a half to get to Cottonwood Falls and would take us two and a half hours to get back. Probably could have been faster if not for all the shorts breaks and Matt not feeling so hot...poor guy...shouldnt have been trying to hold my wheel! haha just messing with ya Matt.

Here is a couple other pics from the night:

Matt on the way to Cottonwood

Randy showing off his new training secret with Steph

Steph enjoying the ride

Matt and Steph on one of the many breaks on the way home

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Dirty Kanza 200


Prerace Picture

L-R: Jim Cummings, Me, Tim Mohn, Matt Brown, Lelan Dains, Mike Wise

Well its been a week since the Dirty Kanza 200(a 200 mile gravel road race for those who dont know) and I figured I am over due for a update and some thoughts on the race. Sorry about the long post but long ride equals long post.

The day started just like any other before a race...with a great breakfast and some coffee to make up for the 2 hours of sleep you got from being to nervous to sleep. So after some early morning fuel I headed off to the start line located at a hotel in town. Thanks again to Mikes parents for letting us put our bikes in there hotel room so it would be less to worry about getting to the hotel. So once I get there and was finally ready to do this, they start the rider meeting with news that the race will now start at 8 a.m. because of the weather south of town that had hail and strong winds. 10 minutes later they sent us out anyway and it payed off beautifully.
Once off we were escorted out of town be the local police to about a mile outside of town where we would hit our first gravel of the long day.

This made for a funny time seeing some of the riders from out of state on the gravel with there cross bikes just getting kicked all around.

The pace for the first 20 miles was crazy fast. We averaged 20 mph and the crazy thing was everyone was keeping casual conversations at this pace. It was looking like it was going to be a great ride.

With the lead group pulling away before the first climb the group would slow to go single file across one of the first of many water crossings of the day.
The first climb of the day would be a preview of what was to come...a super fast pace up some crazy large hills! The first hill used to be something I would dread but on this day it didnt even seem like a hiccup compared to what we would later see.

Once over the hill Mike and Lelan would break off with the lead group of about 10 or so after the first hill. Jim, Tim, and myself would take just a notch off of that pace to relax a little bit and save ourselves for the next 170 miles still to come.

While the rest of Team High Gear was just relaxing into the grove Matt Brown was out just plain smashing it with the rest of the top dogs!

As a team the rest of us(Me, Lelan, Mike, Tim, and Jim) would just destroy the first 50 miles about a little over 3 hours with Mike and Lelan beating us into Madison but waiting for us.

After leaving Madison for the next 50 miles the Team High Gear train would form and would make short work of the section leading into Cottonwood Falls.

This section started with a long section of "Minimum Maintenance Road." This section had a deep water crossing that I have got to give props' to Mike for trying to ride. The water was so deep and fast that I thought it was going to sweep Mike away...and that is no easy task folks!

Ok so enough pictures now for my thoughts. That was by far the funnest/hardest ride I have ever done...and I had to drop out at the 155 mile mark! I feel as if I learned more about my body in that one day than possible. I had been dealing with cramps for about 9 hours when I did call it quits but I feel as if I still won after just getting that far, cramps or no cramps. It was something else to pull into every check point and having people cheering for you and the great pit crew of High Gear there to help us out...Ya I am talking about you Steph, Jenna, Randy and Marvin! I stepped off my bike at the 100 mile check point to be waited on by them like I was royalty....It really gives you the strength to go on.

And I have got to mention thanks to Matt again for dropping out and driving by and seeing me and saving my life and giving me a chance to laugh for a little bit. I dont think I will ever forget you and me just laughing like little kids about how big the climbs were and everyone else in the car just looking at us like "We need to get them to a hospital." Still makes me laugh thinking about it.

Mad Mike you deserve some big time props' (along with your wife Shelly...wait change that...your whole family) for making the amazing prerace carb loading meal that still is in my dreams! Also for being a great support crew and it was awesome to see your parents come so far to support you in something you love. 11th place with an extra 14.78 miles too because he is just "Mad" like that.

Lelan got out and got into a pace that would not be denied! Even with 3 flats(By the way were is my tire iron!) he would pull into 14th right as the sun was setting for the day. Lelan probably gets the award for biggest support crew for the whole family at the start of the race! Thats what happens when your big time I guess.

And for Jim(#37) and Tim (#66) thanks for pushing me till I exploded! Just kidding. These two put down a solid pace and never once swayed from it. Tim would pull in 3rd place....2nd year in a row. Now thats consistency for an event like last all day. Jim would pull in not far behind him in 4th place.

Well thats about all I got...Thanks again for Tim, Joel, and the Heartland crew for putting on an amazing race and thanks to Matt for helping put together an amazing course. Also thanks for the pictures Shawn at IM design. Also look for picture in Mountain Bike Action...we had photographers at the race from there.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Come on!

Just thought i would vent a little frustration about how in the last 3-4 days i have had about 3 flats and my cassette came loose! What is this all about! Also my bike wont stop creaking when i really get on it! Well i guess its better to have problems now than saturday. Anyway i am off to go work...got to pay for the toys!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

No Ride But No Worries

In the last week or so i have yet to get on the bike much other than a couple quick runs at Camp Alexander. Even though i haven't been putting in the miles i would like to i am still feeling good about the DK200 but getting some nerves about the whole "200" part.

I went back to Dodge City earlier in the week to see the family and take them the new dog(2 year old bulldog that snores farts and breathes heavier than me after a cross country race). While i was back in Dodge i actually planned on doing about 120 mile ride but enjoyed being around the family so much i decided to hang out with the parents and dogs and skip the ride. I might end up paying for it in about 7 days but really was nice to just relax and have no worries for awhile.

Quick DK200 note: I am dropping the Ritchey Speedmax tires for Bontrager DryX 1.75 because of all the troubles of trying to get the Ritcheys to set up tubeless and they seem to puncture easier than i really would like and i think the Bontragers are going to be a little more "comfortable" after 200 miles on my body.

Anyway I am off to eat some cookies and lay in bed! My idea of carb loading haha! Hope everyones training is going great and see you in a 7 days and if you get a chance check out mtbr.com and head to the endurance forum and post your bike you plan to ride for the DK200.

Happy trails...or gravel...or what ever your poison of choice is

Thursday, May 15, 2008

DK 200 two Weeks Away!

So finally got out today and was able to get some distance in on my legs for the first time in awhile today. Got almost 50 miles in on what should be the first part of the DK200 and I have got to say it was beautiful out there! I stopped for about 10 minutes at what will be mile 25 or so and just took it in...because I know in 2 weeks thats going to be the last thing on my mind.

Matt Brown was good enough to let me barrow his Pace fork for the race and wow it is super light and paired with the SpeedMax tires the bike is light and felt good on the climbs. I did however have some trouble getting the tires to seal up little holes a couple times along the ride.

My back and legs hurt for awhile during the ride but I am pretty confident its from riding the single speed yesterday out on the trail and just not enough recovery, but either way I am feeling fresh and confident that I will be able to finish the DK200...then again it is 200 miles so hell, who knows!

Go ride and happy trails!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Wilson Lake

For the races Sunday Matt was able to pedal his way into 2nd place behind guess who? Cameron. Matt also backed off because of a strange creak coming from somewhere in his wheel. Me Lelan and Dusty would all be in the Sport Open Class and would start of with us 3 and two other guys pulling away from the pack. Lelan must have been hurting because his legs were dead and i could tell because i just planned to hold on as long as i could untill the other four guys dropped me but on one of the first climbs I actually ran into Lelans back wheel and decided maybe I had what it took to beat him today(Who knows when that day will come again...not soon enough haha jk Lelan). So i passed him soon after that.

So me, Dusty, and the 2 other guys pulled away(Luckily Lelan couldnt hang on from killing it the day before at the Short Track and Timed Climb). Dusty would stop to help out Bobby with a flat and would catch me soon after that because I was lost at a fork in the trail as the 2 other guys had got out of my sight by this time. So me and Dusty smashed it and caught the other two and my legs just felt like they couldn't go fast enough so about the half way point i passed dusty and then passed the other two guys a little bit later. I would just kill it the rest of the way leaving everyone behind(Not bad for my first sport race) and would finish 2nd with Dusty 4th and Lelan in about 8th or so(Not to shabby for dead legs!). Some guy pulled away from the start to take 1st overall in sport that I had no clue about but still very happy with the week end!

Thanks again to Doug and everyone else for putting on a great weekend of racing!

Also the Saturday before the race I was hurting for some trail and night riding so I snuck out to Camp Alexander and got 2 quick laps in on the single speed in the dark...Nothing better than a couple night laps to remind you how much fun it is just to relax and ride!

Pictures of the Wilson Lake soon to come.

Get out and go ride...and try to stay dry(good luck!)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Bad Idea But Still Fun

On Tuesday I met up with Lelan and Tim out at camp alexander for a couple quick laps to enjoy the nice weather. Being the smart guy that I am , I threw on the new cross tires I got for the DK200 on my rigid single speed...long story short, I got my ass kicked out there. But surprisingly I still had a good time and it helped me gain back some of that confidence I had lost in the last couple rides. Anyway I better get back to my school work(only 2 more weeks so time to actually study for once). Get out and go ride and see you all at Wilson Lake this weekend!

Monday, April 28, 2008

We ever going to race?

Well over the past week i had probably the two best training days of my life. On Monday and Tuesday of last week I was able to lay down some of the best times I have ever done to date, along with the legs feeling great. But the bad thing about this is we never race so it all seems pointless! I know one day ill get to race(hopefully this weekend at wilson lake!) but right now its just frustrating.

So since the race was canceled on Sunday Matt, Lelan, Dusty, and myself set out on a good ol fashioned gravel day. About 20 miles in I got a flat that seemed to take about a day and a half to change, ok maybe it didn't last that long but long enough for the other guys to get bored enough to start playing carnival games and seeing who could throw rocks further. Anyway long story short the ride took alot long than planned and I got my ass handed to me on both town sprints(Matt cheated! Sprints should not start 5 miles from the finish!). Also I am slowly losing confidence in the DK200 right now and racing all together with all this damn training and no racing, but went ahead and ordered in some Ritchey SpeedMax tires. Maybe this will boost my confidence for the DK200.

P.S. 4 1/2 weeks till the DK200 so go ride!

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Well this weekend despite having to work everyday I was able to sneak in a 5K run on saturday. The run was the 3rd annual John Blaufuss Memorial Run/Walk. All the proceeds went to scholarships for ESU. Anyway, I finished a decent 6th(23 minutes and some change) for only running twice this week and other than that I haven't ran since mid-February.

Other than that no news except Lelan finished a preview of the Dirty Kanza 200 that we did a couple weeks ago. Check it out The video does not do the hills or amazing scenery justice for what they will be like come May 31.

The picture is tiny but I am on the far left in the grey shirt w/a black beanie on.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Rainy Days


After 3 straight days of beautiful riding weather today it spit rain throughout the day giving me the chance to lace back up my running shoes for a amazing run through the rain and puddles. Anyway this is my first blog so I will try to keep this thing as up to date as possible, which shouldnt be to hard because who does homework when there are so many fun things on the internet to do?

Just to catch you up on what I have been up to 2 weeks ago matt, tim, dusty, and me all went down to the Ouachita Challenge in Arkansas. To say the least I had the time of my life! At about mile 40 sometime I realized I had been smiling none stop like a little kid because of the experience this race gave me to relax with friends and just enjoy some amazing trail(even though it was under water in some spots). Long story short I finished a respectable(or atleast thats what I like to tell myself) 60th out of 172 along with matt 4th, tim 33rd. and dusty 37th.

Tim Dusty and Matt after a preride on saturday

Me post race
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