Monday, January 25, 2010



2010 Gary Fisher Superfly!!! Came in today about 2-3 weeks early!! Guess being on a Trek/Fisher team pays off.
Matt told me to come down to the shop to get a box that came in for me...assuming it was just some socks or some other silly part I ordered from long ago. I walked into the shop and Matt told me to go check in the bathroom because he ran out of room so being the fool I am, I just walked in and looked around for a small box to only notice the only box in the room was a bike box...I checked the side and it said "Superfly 21in." and I almost fainted...ok maybe not but all smiles from that point on.

I threw it together in a hurry...and this thing is crazy light...talking sub 23 lbs for an XL frame...ya thats right, thats not a typo(even though I am notorious for those). Thats also with tubes and the heavier handle bars on too! This baby is going to be crazy light for the DK200.

Anyway, Matt helped me so I could get out of his joint so they could close and then I ran home to finish it up. I called up Dustin on the way home because like any true bike fanatic I knew he would enjoy tinkering with it. He went straight to work on the brakes(which I normally won't let others touch it because I like setting things up on my own but he has the same attention of detail on putting together a new bike that I like so I knew it was all good) while I changed out the RL bar for the XXX bar. Also tossed on the XTR pedals and Bontrager RXL water bottle cages and then we sprinted outside like little kids to ride it around.

I was very impressed so far but tomorrow will be its maiden voyage so for tonight I have to relax and get some major homework and reading done...damn this school think I pay for this. Lata suckas!


p.s. I know the background image is having trouble loading for alot of people and trying to address it right now but thinking it may finally be time to start an actual webpage and be done with this damn "blogger" website crap

Sunday, January 24, 2010

First Century of 2010

I know I left out a update from last weeks ride but I was feeling lazy so you can just check out the blog links in the post below somewhere...sorry. I do have a new post about yesterdays ride though so that should be worth something right? On Saturday I had actually planned on a 100 mile solo venture but never been happier that it turned into a group ride. Dustin Burgadt(also a great head shot of yours truly on his most recent post), Tim Mohn, Scott O'Mara, and myself all got together and headed out despite the wet roads and horrific wind. Everyone road strong and made great time for a mostly headwind of 20+ mph. This ride would once again go to show how putting road bike tires on a mountain bike, does not in anyway make it a road bike...especially if I get lazy and leave the front fork on. The real turning point of the ride would be just short of 50 miles when we took a road over a huge lake(not sure which one this was) but the wind tore us apart! I was able to snag some pictures during it of everyone. Scott would feel the pain of riding a mountain bike and snag a ride at 70 miles(still impressive to me for riding with a mountain bike with crows on it and keeping up 'till then). The three of us would continue on fighting for city limit sprints despite the pain with everyone winning one in the three cities. Dustin would take honors of the Emporia sprint when he pulled away a mile or so away and me and Tim just had nothing left to pull him back...nicely played.
This ride was for sure a great fitness boost but hurt mentally a couple times when we would stop and it hits you just how much farther and harder the DK200 is. Still I have no intention of peaking for the DK200 but still want to have a better showing aka not DNF-ing. My legs felt like rubber and stomach was all upside down and inside out after the ride(cheap pizza will have that affect, or is it effect? shit who knows) but after a quick meal with Dustin followed by some nachos and some dark chocolate all was right again. Ride ended at just short of 105 so not bad for a January training ride. Well that's about all I really have for now. I am going ahead and put a link to The Adventure Monkeys blog HERE. This guy takes some awesome pictures and his post are usually worth a read. Also I got a name drop on the the Dirty Kanza 200 blog HERE. Its an old post but I just now saw it on a lazy day when searching the web. Also Lelan is signed up for a 24 Hour race. Good luck brotha and get on that bike!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Quick Post For Midget

Fell off the map this week just being busy with school, work, and training...needless to say I'm home today sick but it hasn't been a totally loss. My little brother Matt aka Midget sent me his bike to put together for him for when he gets back from the Marines. Little preview picture below for him as I work on it.
In other news I did about 75 miles last Sunday with the team and a few other guys from around. Had a great time and still feel like an ass because I made us pick up the pass and ended up ripping the group apart in the last 40 bad guys. I'll have a full write up maybe later this week but check out a good one at Bobby's blog or Eric Benjamin's blogs. Both good and humors.

Well I am heading back into my little shop to knock out Midgets bike for him so I can give it a little bit of a ride. Couple mornings ago I forgot I took these pictures below of my daily energy boosters for the day...Special K followed by large amounts of coffee.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Today the team got a sneak peek at the new team jerseys for 2010...very very sexy indeed. Shawn at IM Design has once again out done himself! Sadly the design doesnt get to go public for a few more months...just had to mention it because its all coming together beautifully.

But other than that just getting busy with school and all that jazz. High hope that the weather stays high enough to melt all this crap off the roads by next weekend. Also got a little bored with the design of my header so went ahead and updated it real fast.

Well time it 5:45 a.m. spinning class at Emporia Fitness comes way to early most days but damn I love it and all my addicted clients that show up. And yes that reads 5:10 and which equals being up at 4:40 a.m.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy to Start School Again

Well today was the first day of classes and it felt good to be back mainly for the reason that once school starts its time to get down to business on the training side. So with decent weather today I was able to sneak out this afternoon for an extremely easy recovery ride. With all the Spinning I teach, time on the real bike on most days is limited to easy to moderate right now to prevent over training but damn it felt good today! Nothing better than the cool crisp air. Anyway time to get some much needed sleep in.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Its here! The design for the 2010 Team High Gear Racing! Check it out below!

Haha Ya right! The design is in the process though and the guys at IM Design are doing a killer job on it so far. Cant wait to see what Sean pulls out of that mind of his. Also Matt gave me the chance to put my graphic design skills back to use and designed the new logo for his skateboard line...check it out below.

In other news I have kicked my 2010 training into high gear(no pun intended). I of coarse am still teaching Spinning 5 days a week at Emporia Fitness still but finally adding in some more time on the real bike now that the weather is clearing up and also started lifting. I forgot just how much I love lifting...its been bringing out the old power lifter in me lately and I have to just try to keep it calm because that kind of lifting has no purpose in cycling.

Well thats about all I got for today. If you get bored I highly recommend doing a google seach of Dirty Kanza 200 2010 and checking out all the results...really exciting stuff.


P.S. Lelan I am straight up killing you in blog update amounts lately...suck it!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Snow+Bikes+Planet Sub=Pefection

Well yesterday I told Dustin I would be coming out to ride with him at the Smith estates and it ended up being a pretty decent sized group ride including myself, Matt Brown, Jed Sampsel, Dustin, and Randy. We were even so lucky go to have "LowKee" fallow us as we played in the snow. It was great to be outside for once!

The ride consisted of riding for about 50 yards and then laughing at who ever fell down for the most time so it was a good time to be had by all. I have some other pictures but may post those later for now I am exhausted and going to lay down and watch a movie.

Before I forget I got registered for my 3rd attempt at the DK200. I cant wait! This is an epic race in the b-e-a-utiful flint hills! I highly recommend checking this race out...well its full now but for the future if you didnt make the cut. Jim and Joel really know how to put on one hell of an event. I just did a google searched it and wow there is a real buzz about it this year and cant wait for everyone to come see what we have to offer...150+ entries is going to make this the best DK200 to date...not to mention starting and finishing in downtown Emporia!

Anyway time to run...below Matt enjoying his sandwich...good way to end a perfect day.

Did I mention I am pumped for the Dk200? Just thought I would mention that again!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Like Christmas All Over Again

Well last night I checked my credit card to notice I had been charged for about half of the stuff I had ordered for from Trek and to my suprise it showed up today down at High Gear! Sadly it will still be a couple months or so before the Superfly makes its showing because of being back ordered but for now this was a plesent late xmas gift. Either way still just out of control with happiness to be a part of this awesome team thats paired up with Trek and all our other great sponsors!

So this pretty much ruined my plans of cleaning the apartment today and resulted in my playing with all the new toys and gear all afternoon. A little teaser photo of some of the tasty treats I got today below.

Well I need to get to the gym and lift and teach spinning. In the words of Matt Brown, "Have a good one!"

Also I am working on our Team High Gear Racing facebook page so soon you can fallow the team on there. And we added an 11th team member this week...Aaron Elwell...another great rider and awesome guy to add to the team. Happy to have him abord!

Monday, January 4, 2010

X-Mas Break

First of hope everyones holidays went off great! I had a good one relaxing with the family. Well took a few weeks off from training hard and tried to get in some good relaxation during the holidays. As pictured below even my beer was in the festive mood...a good sign it was a good break from the bike.

Even had some chance to get in some quality time with my loving lab "Camp" back home!

While at home I did a couple runs since I made the choice not to bring the bike home...big mistake...I was insanely sore and thinking I will be sticking to the bike for a good amount of time from this point on. Also joined the local high school basketball team for a few practices to keep the legs loose and had a great time even though my jump shot has lost its touch it was still a awesome workout.

On the way out and back had to drive by the biggest attraction south west Kansas has to offer...yep thats jealous!

Well thats about all I got...time to get back to work on the bike.

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