Saturday, February 21, 2009

Couldn't have been better

This Friday I totally lucked out. Walked out the door with bike in hand at 8:30 and didn't come home 'till 6pm. Almost a sunrise to sunset day of riding. Does it get much better than that?

I pulled out of town and headed to Madison, KS taking the DK200 route from last year. I was coming off a 2 day rest so the legs felt good and made good time. Once I made it to Madison I was taking a break and eating a sandwich and Matt Brown called saying he was hitting the trails at 3 if I could make it back.

So of coarse I shoved the rest of the sandwich down and chugged some coffee(I was still cold from leaving in 20 degree weather). Made it back to town with time to spair so Matt, his nephew(Donovon), and me headed to the trails.

Not going to lie...I riding had been happy with gravel lately but the trail was pretty much amazing! I ended up at 90 miles...10 short of my goal but hell it was a good time. After we finished at the trail it was off for mexican food and margaritas! Told you my day couldn't have been better.

Also thought I would mention that at some point on my way to Madison a group of about 6 horses sprinted against me up a hill. It was good fun but they won and as I went by at the top they all just looked over at me like "eat that!" Haha


Monday, February 16, 2009


I have been on the bike a pretty good amount lately(12-15 hours a week) and I tell you what, it leads to some great sleep and extremely vivid dreams, but thats another story! I have not slept like this ever. I hit the bed and pass out at night and wake up earlier than normal and feel totally rested and ready for the day!

This weekend I was able to get a couple rides in. Sunday Tim, Wiggins, and I headed out on a gravel ride in the 20 degree weather. I would like say the cause of my weak riding was the cold but truth be told Tim and Wiggins just rode my ass into the ground! We went to sprint at the end of the ride and when getting out of the saddle I pretty much feel apart. Its all good though. Props to both guys!

So today(monday) went out to go for a ride and made it about a block and my body was just telling me this is not going to happen today so I made a fast u-turn and headed home and passed out on the couch. I woke up still in my riding gear, minus the helmet of coarse, and was so hungry that I pretty much tore the kitchen apart making sandwiches like a mad man! But I now feel totally refueled and ready to get back on the road, gravel road that is, and get some more base miles in.

Also, little bit of good news, got the parents talked into coming to 24 Hours of 9 Mile with me as my support crew :) Big time boost right there!

Remember dont take life to serious or you will never get out alive!


Thursday, February 12, 2009


So I have officially decided to do a 24 hour solo event. Dumb? Maybe. Stupid? Probably. Great time? Yep! I am planning on doing 24 Hours of 9 Mile in late July. I first started thinking about this a few weeks ago and did about 3 weeks of training to make sure I could balance the load of training, school, and work. And to my surprise I was able to do it just fine. I am putting in about 12-15 hours a week on the bike and feeling pretty good. So, as for now I need to get some sleep because it usually means I am dead tired before 10:00pm even though I am putting down a worthy amount of coffee.

Also had to restart the no red meat diet after the Super Bowl...I made one hell of a chilli and couldn't help myself.
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