Monday, June 15, 2009

Just a little overdue

A couple quick lines before I head out on the bike for a couple rides today. First things first...We are putting on a race here in Emporia, KS July 19th. For all the juicy details swing on over to and check it out!

Second, another DK200 is in the books. Long story short, heat plus a constant head wind mentally drained me and I pulled the plug at mile 70 just outside Elmdale(sp?). I would call Matt down at the bike shop and beg him to come get me. He was nice enough to send out domestique Marvin out for me. That guy is a life saver. I owe a big thanks to the High Gear Cyclery, Marvin, Jenna(was going to meet me at the halfway point with my stuff), and anyone else along the way that has helped me out on this race. Be on the lookout for a video from the race coming from Lelan(check links to the right for his blog). By the way 15 out of 85 fiished...out of those 15 there would be no Team High Gear riders...damn the heat!

Third, Team High Gear would make a short road trip down to Wilson Lake a month or so ago. Everyone had a good ride. Mike and Lelan would take on the expert class with Bobby, myself, and Dusty spinning around in the sport class.

Fourth, I have started to kick up the training for 24 Hours of 9 Mile finally.

And thats about all I got. Peace suckas!
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