Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Still Alive.

First things first(like there would be any other spot for the first thing?), Matt Brown has joined the blogging word. Check that out HERE

Told myself I wouldn't do another update 'til after school was done for the semester but figured a quick update couldn't hurt. Hope you like short and sweet.

Bikes Relaxing Before Ouchita Challenge

Raced in Ouachita Challenge(Place 51st...just missed the goal of top 50) and had a blast with all the team who all went down.

Bone Bender

Two weeks later I headed up to Lawrence KS for the River Trail race. Got first place in the Expert/Cat 1 19-29 years old class.

Bone Bender: Mouth Open = Painful Ride

The week right after Lawrence I would head up to the Bone Bender 6 Hour Race in north Kansas City where I would learn very quickly that a week of recovery that is made up of teaching spinning 7 times in a week is impossible. I would ride like a small child and just held on to what little power I had to finish respectable(not sure what the exact place was, didn't care to look yet).
Well that's about it. Racing at Wilson Lake, Fat Tire Festival this weekend then next weekend heading up to Robidoux Roundup in St. Joe, MI.


P.S. 38 Days until the Dirty Kanza 200....I'm so screwed haha can't wait!
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